Sunday, May 13, 2007

Minor clarification

Reading tea leaves is starting to make me thing that the first Santa Rosa-based MacBook Pros may arrive in the next week or so. But I still don't think there will be anything compelling about them as far as new features - I think it'll be more of the same with a faster FSB and the ability to access all 4GB of RAM that you can physically install in a MacBook Pro now (current ones, like all Wintel notebooks on the current Core 2 chipset can only access 3GB of RAM due to limitations in 32-bit addressing - Santa Rosa supports true 64-bit goodness). I've got 3GB in mine now even though I don't really need that much.

If I'm right, expect max speeds to go up to 2.4GHz (from the current 2.33) and no other base changes. I don't think they'll even bump up the video preocessor.

When MacBooks come out with Santa Rosa, though, you'll get both the ability to run more RAM (current ones are limited to 2GB) and 3D graphics performance that, while still not as good as a dedicated GPU will at least be competitive.

Weekend was pretty good. I had the boy all day yesterday and we went to the Museum of Science for a long day of experimenting and Finding Stuff Out. He even sat through the lightning show for the first time ever. Today was quieter - we took Jane out for Mom's day to a place in Marblehead then did a couple of errands on the way home - and then she went out for a few hours by herself while David and I hung out, played games, and watched the race. Then I cooked my famous broiled cod for dinner and it was gobbled by all.

I think another growth spurt is starting - today the kid ate 2 bananas (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), a big late breakfast of 2 slices of toast, scambled eggs, a couple of slices of ham, and home fries, then dinner of cod with rice and broccoli (plus a few other things not listed here). After going to bed, he immediately announced he was still hungry, so after some debate we gave him a half peanut butter and jelly sandwich on top of everything else. That seems to have quieted him for now.

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