Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More of my media, wrenched away

In other media news, the final airing of the WLVI (Channel 56) Ten o Clock News was last night - after which the entire station was laid off. They were bought by the parent company of WHDH (Channel 7), who will be replacing the show with a version using thier own staff, at the usual breakneck pace.

The Channel 56 newscast was our preferred one for many years - a little slower, more sober, and the staff consisted of primarily local people who had worked together for years. That's how I prefer my newscasts - not the usual MTV-paced stuff (Channel 7 was a pioneer in that regard, unfortunately). But my demographic isn't as relevant, and the trend is clear.

So I'm adding the new Channel 56 news at 10 to the list of shows to avoid - WBZ runs a news show at 9:30 on Channel 38 and I'll probably go there for the time being.

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