Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy whatever, 2006...

Santa brought a bunch of goodies to David (even though he really hasn't done much lately to deserve a visit). David is accordingly happy, if underappreciative. And that's about as much enthusiasm as I'll muster for that part of things for the moment. If he keeps it up, within a season or two we'll whack him upside the head with the Truth About Santa early!

As for us, Santa (in the form of my credit card) bought a single gift for Jane and I to share (with her full consent) - a TiVo Series 3 box. It'll be hooked up over the weekend (Comcast is coming with two CableCards for it on Saturday), and I am happily using TiVo Decode Manager (a wonderful free Mac utility) to download and archive the best stuff from our Series 2 before we replace it. The Series 2 will live on, though - with a year's subscription to continue on before we decide any further fate.

I do have some stuff archived on the horrid Comcast DVR that I will try and watch this week before I take it back to the local office. If Comcast didn't make such a horrid DVR I'd have kept it, but as far as I can tell the programmers responsible for this beast studied TiVo and then asked themselves: "How can we build a DVR that is completely unlike TiVo yet still can occasionally record television?" Once they had the answer coded, they issued forth the Comcast HD-DVR box. It sucks.

Having changed out original plans due to health problems, Jane is now going to visit her folks with David in tow for the rest of the week, leaving tomorrow. I will use the opportunity to work my butt off and end 2006 on a big note (by the way, check out my revised website - now with CSS!). Woodge owed me a favor and built it to update my look a tad.

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