Sunday, October 15, 2006


Last weekend we went down to Allentown, PA (like Lawrence, MA with hills, and I dont' mean that in a good way) for a big family reunion on my mother-in-law's side of the family. Overall, things went well, even though we stayed at a hotel convenient to several pawn shops and a crackhouse. The only tough moment was at breakfast our first morning - I was still on my way down from the hotel room at the time, but while I was on my way down, David was clowning around too much with his cousins and, daredevil that he is, he managed to flip down off the back of his chair and whacked his head on something. He managed to give himself a big welt and cut on his forehead, over his left eye. I came down seconds after he did it - Jane had zipped off to get him ice, and I inherited cuddle duty until he settled down.

Anyhow, after a busy week this week and a weekend visit from his best friend Jonathan, he was finally settled down tonight and took his pre-bedtime bath. And after his bath, I dried him off and told him to go over to his room to put his pajamas on - Jane was waiting in there for him.

Well, he covered his head with the towel, took off sprinting, and almost made it. Except he managed to run straght into his doorframe. Head-first.

The resulting welt was in exactly the same spot as his one from a week ago. But at least there wasn't any blood!

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