Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No Xserve for you. Not yours.

Apple finally released the Core 2 Duo MacBook Pros yesterday (a month after I needed it), which is good, but still no availability on the Xeon Xserve - and right now I have three clients anxiously awaiting their release (or at least an order date) so they can get their projects underway. Add that to the three Windows servers I'm working on (two new orders, and one I'm rebuilding), and that keeps us going on server projects through year-end.

I'm even happier I have help now than I was a week ago...

Also, I am no longer the owner of a poop-brown minivan - I picked up a Kia Sorento yesterday, which is much prettier and more useful overall than the minivan was, without any of the "bleh" that driving the Chevy induced. That's good. Other than that, I'd say more but I'm off to work already!

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