Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More change...

In recent weeks, the folks at Fark made a minor, but crucial, change on their website to attract more mainstream advertisers. Once upon a time, Fark could be counted upon to provide "Boobies" links (and counterpart "Weeners" links as well), usually with links to NSFW sites, mixed in with their standard fare. The nice thing about them wasn't the links themselves (at least in my book) - this is the Internet, after all. Boobies pics are about a penny a dozen.

What was brilliant about Fark's Boobies links was the discussion threads associated with each one. Way more entertaining than pics ever were (go to the site and read any one at random to see why). But a few weeks ago Fark moved the vast majority of the Boobies and Weeners links over to a new sister site called "Foobies.com", and it's lacking the discussion threads entirely - just links to pictures. Whoopdee-damn-do.

Of course, I still read Fark regularly (it's still the funniest site on the Net), but I miss the Boobies discussions already.

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