Monday, March 13, 2006

Late nap again

Today was another of the days where David slept pretty well, but went way too fast all day and passed out. Meanwhile, Jane is hanging out with David's friend Harry downstairs - he came over this afternoon for a visit and to have dinner with us. How we'll work the nap around it all could be interesting. The big trigger was (I think) a meltdown he had right as I was arriving home over which DVD the boys were going to watch. After his temper blows, he pretty much always passes out afterwards.

What I'm not sure of is whether it's the meltdown that exhausts him, or if he has the meltdown because he's tired. Maybe a bit of both.

Overall a bit of a respite with work today - I did a little on-site work this morning for a Beverly client, and then headed out to Sudbury for a job. But I made it home early, and just have some remote work to do this evening (adding a bunch of hosts to a new DNS table and preparing for a move). Tomorrow gets back to the more insane pace.

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