Saturday, November 19, 2005

Were this baseball, he'd be an All-Star

This morning, after a 2-day-long battle, I tricked David into finally leaving a Nixon (apologies to Kinky Friedman) in the potty. He had made the mistake of telling us he'd gone in his diaper way too soon, so when I zipped into his room this morning to check he hadn't actually parted with said Nixon yet. I rushed him into the bathroom and, before he knew what was happening, he had dropped it into the correct place. Finally.

Of course, he made up for it by dropping two subsequent ones in his pull-ups as the day went on. So he only went 1-for-3, great baseball numbers but not so good for dropping deuces. It was One Of Those Days.

In work news, my bookkeeper began working on Friday - I was worse than I hoped, but not nearly as bad as I expected. I walked in to the office this morning to find things fairly organized and two bills waiting for me to print and mail the checks. And while I was there, a customer payment arrived so I could deposit it properly. I like being organized, and it's worth some money to do it right.

And finally, our newly rebuilt driveway is almost complete. We widened it slightly a couple of years after moving in - now it's being done right and re-graded as well. No more scraped doors, bottoming out, or muddy shoes from the puddles that used to form on the edges. It's all brick and really nice-looking.

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