Tuesday, November 08, 2005

See what I meant?

Now, even the Colts finally won a game at Foxboro. The good news is that next year should be a major step back up.

Busy week yet again for me. I'm on the road every day this week, and a couple of those are quite long. This is being posted during a brief break before I head to Boston, where I'll spend the afternoon. Jane has been at a sales meeting in New York, and my folks were up here, helping with David. All has been mostly well, with the exception of David's terrifying plunge down the stairs yesterday - he was racing down too fast with Brown Bear in his hand and wound up sliding half the staircase down on his back. Thankfully he was fine afterwards - just terrified and now extra cautious on the stairs. The message we'd been pounding into him about being careful finally hit home.

On the bright side, potty training appears to have turned the corner. For two days in a row he's kept his pull-ups dry all day, even asking to go potty once while my folks had him yesterday afternoon. And he woke up dry yesterday (no such luck today, but it wasn't much). Those of you without kids: trust me, this is a Good Thing.

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