Monday, October 17, 2005

Travel week

I took off most of Friday - we had to drive out to Rochester for the 1st communion of my sister-in-law's middle child (Jane's his godmother). So we hit the road around 10, and drove through pretty steady rain the whole way. Bleh. Traffic wasn't too bad, though, except for a 1/2 hour backup coming out of the Berkshires - a truck had augured in to the hillside near Exit 2 and was being hauled out, blocking a lane off. It was pretty spectacular.

As for the weekend itself, it was something of a blur. We were able to get adjoining rooms at the local Courtyard hotel - David had his first solo king-size bed. And it was affordable because we got an employee discount through our friend. Friday night we unpacked at the hotel, then arrived at our sister-in-law's around 5:30-ish, just in time for the pizza that was ordered for everyone. And David played until the wee hours with his cousins, who all collectively have a mutual admiration society when they're together - especially David and his slightly older cousin Caitlin. We made it back to the hotel around 10 and David was quick to sleep. Jane went and hung out with him for a while that night.

I got to skip much of the Saturday fun - thanks to my brother-in-law. He had a tee time at his club, and I went for my final round of golf for the year (only three times out after June 20th, which is just sad). Penfield Country Club is a nice place to play a round. I won't get into my score, other than to say that I had three bogeys and otherwise hope Chris managed to lose the scorecard. That night was another late one - we all made it back to the hotel well after 10.

Finally, Sunday came and we made it to the church on time. The whole event went off well (I think - being that I'm not even vaguely Catholic I'm not sure on the details), and David behaved better than Jane and I expected. I still had to take him out a couple of times, but since one of those was to go potty it's not bad.

(Potty training has been a two steps forward - one step back kind of deal so far. Right now we're in one of the steps back...)

We went back to the house for a while, and were on the road again in our travel clothes by 3. The drive back was lightning-fast - I only stopped twice briefly (once for gas, once for munchies), and other than a little rain near Syracuse and more going over the Berkshires the weather was cooperative. We made it home around 9:45 that night.

Of course after that I had a real busy work day, and I'm utterly exhausted, but that's besides the point.

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