Saturday, August 16, 2003

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten everyone

I've just been too busy enjoying myself. This weekend's big project was dismantling the Big Ugly Rack in my nerd room, and moving the house server down to the basement. Unfortunately, it cost me my 161 days of uptime when I turned it off for the move, but oh well.

Today I took the cables that were dangling from holes all through the back wall of the nerd room behind the old rack, and organized them into a couple of raceways down the wall to a central patch box. It now has the Ethernet connection from the bedroom, the connection to the server area in the cellar, and the CATV connection for my room at a single, floor-level box. Much neater. I'm in the process of spackling all the various holes and dings in that wall section, after which we'll probably paint the room a new color.

Total project cost to date; about $80. That covers the new wall-mounted box, the RJ45 connectors, the plastic raceways, and a new 8-port 10/100 switch for the cellar. I already had the spackle and some of the other parts I needed in-house.

Then this afternoon we went up to Russell Orchard in Ipswich - missed the end of the Peach Festival by a little while, but we wandered around the barn area so David could look at the ducks. He was too impressed by seeing real ones to shout "Duck!" like he does when he sees them in books or on TV. But he did cry when we walked away, and he sulked at me in the car for a while afterwards.

Jane got giggles out of him, though.

Tonight, after dinner, we went down to the Willows for a stroll and some popcorn (for Jane, from Hobbs' - the best popcorn in the Universe). We got to dodge some skunks on the way back from our stroll. Successfully, I might add.

Tomorrow we may head up to the waterfront festival in Gloucester, weather permitting.

For now, I'm actually enjoying this brief interlude of having a life.

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