Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Scary moment

Last weekend, my younger sister and her boyfriend came to visit us for a day. We had a great time - we took David out to dinner with us and we went walking the following morning with him and such.

The scary part came while we were watching TV in the house. I'd channel-surfed around and stopped on a "SNL" special running on VH-1 about music from the first 25 years of SNL. Martin Short (the host) introduced one of the next highlights - it was Spinal Tap's first performance. They played "Big Bottom".

And my sister and I both knew all the words, and sang along with them gleefully (she has a lovely voice, while I scare cats with my singing). Jane and Joe were looking at us with an expression that can best be described as horrified.

I think even David was shocked. Tap on, America!

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