Friday, March 03, 2006

Brush with greatness

This has been quite a week. First of all, I played hooky (sort of) on Monday. Had to spend a couple of hours locked in my home office working on stuff and making calls, but for the most part we all got to spend a together day. That evening we went in to Boston for the big home show (the projects under consideration are a kitchen remodeling and a heating system upgrade) - and I scored a bonus - I got to talk to both Peter Hotton (the Globe handyman columnist) and even better, I also got to talk to Rich Trethewey (of This Old House fame) about the heater. Instead of an autograph from Trethewey, I did even better - I got a sketch of how our system should be reconfigured for best results. Now that's useful!

Other than that, the week was mainly a blur of constant work. I have a client project that I will be working on over the weekend (some on-site time Sunday as part of it), and David's been sick the last couple of days as well. Not to mention that Jane's sick tonight too - we think it was something she ate, though. That kind of problem. So I'm taking care of both of them tonight.

This week's humor moment: I was at my ACN meeting this Wednesday night - I made it home around 9:45 and walked in to find the entire 1st floor of the house covered in confetti. David had found a couple of bags of the stuff that Jane had bought for a work event, and decided that it would be fun to play with.

It took about an hour and a half's vacuuming (emptying the thing four times) to get it all, and I'm still finding a little bit around the house, two days later.

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