Monday, June 11, 2012

WWDC Aftermath

So how did I do?

Well, of course I got iOS 6. That was a bunny. I was right on July for Mac OS 10.8, too. And on dictation support.

Maps, Siri, and multiple signatures in iOS 6? Nailed 'em all.

Resolution independence? To be seen as iOS 6 matures and as the sessions go this week. Still expecting it.

New Macs? Yep, the whole laptop line was replaced. The new "super retina MacBook Pro" is sweet. Update to the Mac Pro? They did it, but it's meh. Slightly faster RAM and improved processors. No USB3, no Thunderbolt. And they did away with the RAID card option, it appears. Not pleased.

As for other things, we got a new Airport Express with dual-band support and 2 Ethernet ports, and a few new accessories. One of my better picking sessions. Expect Ivy Bridge iMacs and minis quietly in the next week or so.