Wednesday, March 07, 2012

How did I do?

Time to check my predictions from the iPad into today...

- Retina Display: Yep. Nailed it. That was easy.

- More RAM: Not sure until they get into users' hands. But I say 1GB still.

- Form factor: No change. Minor thickened increase, less than 1mm. I'm pretty sure all the old cases will fit.

- A6: I give myself a 50%. The A5X does have 4 cores for graphics, but 2 for processing. Probably up clocked a little, too.

- LTE: I thought they'd hold off when I published this, but a week later I decided I was wrong and they would. Glad that worked out, but I still count it as a miss.

- Better cameras: Nailed it on the rear camera. May have been wrong on the front, we'll see when they ship.

- Storage: Right again. No 128GB model.

- Siri: No Siri (nailed that), but we get dictation. That's a nice feature add.

- Pricing: Got that one right. Got the iPad 2 staying behind with a price cut, too.

That's 6.5 right, 1.5 wrong, and 1 TBD. Could lose another half-point if the front camera is identical. I'd say that was pretty good - punditry, here I come!