Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two weeks down

Swearing-in was in January 2nd. Pretty cool, and well-documented online via my Facebook account, Salem Patch, and all sorts of other sources. Won't go much further with that. We've had a couple of meetings and votes, mainly routing things. I've got a few constituent issues I'm working on now as well (and had one issue out of my ward that I got called about by an out-of-town landlord who didn't know what ward her building was in).

Business-wise, we're pretty busy right now, though things are now quieting down a little bit. From early December through now has been insane, so the respite is nice for a couple of days. We are also signing up new accounts at a decent clip. All good.

Mainly right now I'm just taking advantage of a quiet weekend to try and clean out my home office better - there's a lot of excess stuff in there right now and I'd really like to get it tidied up. Got an old computer to get moved as well. The effort remains ongoing.