Sunday, November 11, 2007

First NASCAR thought in a while

As I type this, barring catastrophe Jimmy Johnson will win his fourth race in a row. I can't farking stand him. And the Chase system really isn't working too well anymore - As of this point, there are only two contenders remaining, and unless Johnson wrecks early next week (or in the next 11 laps, which ain't going to happen), it's all over right now (Gordon's 86 points behind), and next week's race won't really be for anything at all. I really can't see a better way to solve it right now. The biggest thing I'd like to see is the Chase expanded to include all race winners in the first 26 races, and seeding changed a little - the Chasers should be reset a little differently. I'm fine with bonus points for wins, but Jeff Gordon shouldn't have entered the Chase in anything but first after building up a huge points lead in the first 26 races.

Had the Chase been expanded as I'd like, the only three drivers added would have been Casey Mears (won the Coca-Cola 600), Montoya (the Infineon road race), and Jamie McMurray (first New Hampshire). All three of them are in a good place in the standings (JPM is worst, at 21st), so it's not like some backmarker is likely to sneak in who doesn't belong. Anyhow, one more week and then it's all shut down until February. Football returns next weekend, hot stove season gets rolling this week (once free agency starts), and even though I'm not much of a fan, pro basketball will be a little more interesting here in Boston this year (Kevin Garnett has always been one of the players I enjoy watching - though not enough to actually become a full-fledged basketball fan at this point in my life), and rumor is there's a hockey team in town. Not sure what they're called, though.

Okay, enough of that. Time to have dinner and get back to work...

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