Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Next day report

Better. Not great, but better. He made an effort, especially this morning, and we rewarded him appropriately. We went fishing for a while on the Edgartown/Oak Bluffs bridge until thunderstorms arrived and chased us away - no fish (of course), but very wet clothing! We went home to regroup and dry off, then went into Tisbury and had lunch at Zephyrus once the rain cleared up. After some wandering around town, we went back and got David to take a nap, after which we drove to Oak Bluffs for a walk around the cottages and supper. We tried letting him stay up later tonight - it's pretty much going to be policy the rest of this week to get him taking a nap at some point during the day in the hopes of better behavior overall. He's not that predictable, except to predict that he'll be unusually nasty when he's tired.

Tomorrow's agenda - more fishing in the morning. Afternoon activities TBD. And Thursday
we'll probably go out oversand to Cape Poge for - you guessed it - fishing! David's kind of obsessed with fishing, and it's harmless and fun so why not?

In other news, The Santa Rosa MacBook Pros were announced as I expected. No major changes other than the graphics chipset, and as most sources predicted the 15" will now use LED backlighting for better environmental goodness along with lower power usage and better brightness. Me like. The 17" now has a full HD resolution version available as well - so for those of you who edit 1080p HD on your laptop you can now play in Final Cut land. I'm actually leaning towards scaling down to the 15" again the next time I buy a laptop.

Also, the Santa Rosa chipset is full 64-bit, so you can now use a full 4GB of RAM in your MacBook Pro and have it addressed. Woot! (the original Core Duo was 32-bit, and the first generation Core 2 Duo was 64-bit internally, but used a 32-bit chipset). Expect an iMac redesign next week at WWDC along with more about the mini's fate perhaps - current rumors have the mini being canned.

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