Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First things first

Don Imus is definitely a schmuck. He's been one for the last thirty=plus years, though. He's also nearly 70, though, so he ain't changing. Soon enough, he'll say something that some humorless folks will take offense at, and it's not really easy to be an offensive shock jock with a national profile in the YouTube era.

But Al Sharpton taking him to task? Come on now, that's ridiculous! Al Sharpton does not have the moral standing to take anyone to task for a racial statement. And Imus, being a New Yorker, must have remembered that but not had the stones to do anything about it. Were I in Imus' position, and if I had Sharpton on my show to pry more mea culpas out, I would have simply said to him:"

"I said something wrong and stupid, and I apologized within a day once I realized how wrong I was. Funny that you're sitting here calling for my head Al, when you never even apologized for Tawana Brawley and twenty years have passed."

A national radio audience might have been left to go to Wikipedia, but everyone in New York over the age of 35 would know exactly what he meant. Sharpton has never had any credibility whatsoever with me because of that.

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