Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Midweek thoughts

I've got a little downtime today due to cloudiness - so I'm catching up while the sisters hang out with their folks downstairs and the kids are all watching Nickelodeon together (my brother-in-law left this morning to head home for a golf tournament):

- We managed to mangle a batch o' lobsters last night for supper. Though this house is enormous, the kitchen is woefully equipped and the stovetop puts out about 5 BTUs, so it was a bit of a scramble. The lobsters didn't enjoy their fate, by the way.

- I thought the fireworks here might be cancelled (we had a huge thunderstorm coming through right around dusk), but we had just enough clearing to get them in before a second, smaller wave came through. We didn't go all the way into town, though - everyone else stayed on the front steps of the house while David and I went across the street to the beach for a better view.

- The lightning show may have been more spectacular, though. Lots of cloud-to-cloud strikes.

- Monday night we all went up to Wildwood and did rides on the pier. David had a major-league meltdown when we got on the bumper cars and he couldn't drive the one he was in with Jane (he couldn't reach the pedal). His cousin Caitlin was OK with just riding along, but not our little control freak.

- So after Sherry plucked him out of the bumper car we let him go on the kiddy bumper car next door. He wound up spinning in circles and banging the wall a bunch.

- Yesterday at mid-day we went to the zoo. Always a great trip. He got to see a real-life brown bear, and decided that he'd stick with his stuffed one.

- With my brother-in-law gone, I now have the responsibility of making the morning trip to Wawa to get the Atlantic City paper (I get the Philly paper, too, so I can get a less parochial view of the world). The bright side of that is that it's really close by, and I get a few minutes of solitude and good coffee in the deal.

- The kids are doing a matinee of Cars this afternoon.

- Here's the view out my window:

Complete with a moiré from the screen door. But I was too lazy to open it, or to take the shot with anything other than my built-in iSight.

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