Monday, April 03, 2006

Prizes galore!

I came home a little early today from work - when I picked up the mail, I found that Jane had won a prize in some goofy-ass contest that I suspect she entered online. It was a pair of $10 gift cards for the Olive Garden.

Apparently that was first prize. Second prize must have been four cards.

We spent the weekend in Connecticut, visiting my family and friends of ours in a nearby town. Missed the Hell's Angels shooting by happenstance - we often go that way and it was at the time we would have been going that way. Traffic in southern CT is bad enough without dodging bullets.

Mac OS X 10.4.6 was released today - my MacBook Pro is busily updating itself. Hopefully it fixes the VPN problem with the 10.4.5 client (when talking to a 10.4.5 (PPC) VPN server, it disconnects after a minute). The third-party Digitunnel VPN client has no such problems, so it's something Apple. About 80MB to go - it's a biggun'!

I believe I can count David as fully potty trained now. Of course, that means he'll whiz himself tonight.

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