Monday, September 29, 2003

Up late tonight

We all went to the airport to pick up a friend of ours who'd been in Florida for the week. We were going to have just one of us go, but David was still at full speed when it was time to head to Logan, so we all went instead. He had a blast, the plane arrived a few minutes early, and we were back home about an hour ago and got him in bed just before 11. He'll sleep late tomorrow...

Note to that: Terminal C at Logan has a nice kids' playspace that's on the side of the terminal near the low-numbered gates. It has a infants/toddler area, too.

I don't usually decide to see movies from the trailer, but I think I want to see Kill Bill, Volume 1. I've never thought Uma Thurman was all that amazing, but she looks seriously cool in the Ninja Assassin In Yellow Tracksuit role. I'll wait for Woodge to see it and then plan appropriately.

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