Saturday, November 16, 2002

Today was fun - David's first Geek Show

I took David to the Geek Show up in New Hampshire today - I met my friend Rob up there (who had his one-year-old boy with him), and we entertained ourselves for a while. We got all four possible frequencies of the little mini-RC racers - including the two frequencies that aren't exactly FCC-approved. Cool.

Then we went to a nearby 99 restaurant for lunch - David was quite the handful, and he went into full meltdown mode as we were finishing. If any diners in the adjoining towns are reading this, I apologize - you probably heard him over the border in Methuen, he screamed so loud.

After I got him bundled back up to head home he calmed down and slept the rest of the way. He had a little session in his jumper seat after Jane came home, and then I picked him up and put him on my shoulders for a little ride around the house. he was giggling and having a blast.

Then he puked on my head.

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