Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Two update topics today

First off, Saturday was a milestone of sorts - our first attempt at feeding David with a spoon (the cereal is almost as gloppy as the bottle, so I wouldn't call it solids...). It went pretty well, though most of the food dribbled down his bib.

We're feeding him with a spoon every other day for the first week or so while he gets the hang of it. We'll step it up to daily sometime next week. For yesterday's feeding, Jane tried using a little bit of the banana mush to mix with the cereal (instead of water). It took us about half an hour and several washcloths to get him cleaned up. We will be waiting a while before we try that again...

On the technology front, I pretty much finished ripping my CD collection - it came out to around 7.5 GB. Fits the iPod nicely. I still haven't found a really good replacement for the earbuds that don't fit well (they sound great, right up until they fall out of my ear). I'm using a cheapo Philips earbud with an over-the-ear clip right now instead, but the sound isn't anywhere near as good. The search continues... I'm also looking for a FM modulator that I can interface to my Bravada's stero easily and hook the iPod up to in my car.

Finally, (also tech-related) my friend Rob eBayed some stuff for me, and I was able to sell enough junk that I can afford to replace my homenet server with a nice, fanless Mini-ITX form factor system. I'll just be buying the barebones machine (with the slimline CD-ROM, the one I want is about $250), adding RAM and a laptop HD (in a 3.5" adaptor), and moving my e-smith install over to it. It uses a Via Eden 533 processor - plenty of horsepower for low-volume file, web, and MP3 serving.

At this point I'm more interested in running systems that are low-power and/or silent than I am in raw speed.

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