Friday, December 28, 2001

And on a (spam) related note...

Today's messages waiting for me in my work mailbox:

No-Spam E-Mail Lead Generation trkiier
Re: ...something to think about?
Reach millions of potential buyers.. 3429
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Is there pornography on your computer? - FREE system check!

Outlook's junk mail filter dealt with most of them (properly pre-placing them in the trash), but the annoying thing is that those rules take effect AFTER my Blackberry redirector grabs most of 'em. So the first four all went to my pager automatically (the last two were from somebody who calls themselves "hotdeals", and spams me about 20+ times daily - I wrote a specific Blackberry rule to blackhole anything that has "hotdeals" in the From: address). What a pain in the buttski.

I wish I could dump our e-mail system (Exchange 5.5) entirely, but as an MS Enterprise licensing shop, it's just not practical. Rats. My home server/client does a _much_ better job of nuking spam

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