Wednesday, January 09, 2008

After New Hampshire

Obama - mainly even.  Early spin on the Clinton 3-point win is very Clinton-friendly, though.  A 3-point loss might have really crushed her, but the win keeps her in the game at least until Super Tuesday.  Obama remains a contender, though, and I think the new favorite overall.

Edwards - even.  His strategy is to make respectable showings until the Southern primaries.  Solid third place finishes help him.  If one of the two rock stars implodes this month, that'll give his strategy a chance.  I wouldn't mind seeing an Edwards/Obama ticket (I don't think he'd take the number 2 spot two cycles in a row).

On the other side of the aisle:

Romney - toast.  And not a moment too soon (I can't stand his smarmy act).

Huckabee - surprisingly legit contender.

Giuliani - He avoided the last two for the most part, hinging his hopes on Super Tuesday.  But I think he showed too much weakness the last two weeks and didn't manage expectations well enough.  Toast.

McCain - Now the likely nominee.  Nice comeback to knock out Romney.