Friday, June 08, 2007

Coming in for a landing

Behavior improved somewhat - still nothing great, though he's had some good stretches. Yesterday we spent much of the day on a fishing excursion out on Chappy - we went out guided on a Trustees of Reservations private tour. We started out at Wasque, but when a big seal came through the fish scattered and so we headed up to Cape Poge gut. I have pretty much mastered casting by brute force (it's a simple motion to throw and a lot less work than, say, throwing a baseball), Jane and David not so much. Jane by the end of the day was at least no longer a threat to folks in her vicinity. David, of course, needed help casting but was fine on the reel - and he was the only one of us to catch a fish, too! He brought in a bluefish, roughly 18" long after snagging it on a gill. He was incredibly happy about it, though reluctant to touch it since "it was slimy". We let it go, though I think I still have some fish blood on my sweatshirt.

That was the only catch of the day. However, one fish made David an expert and after that he was happy to share advice with all the other anglers out there. We wrapped up the afternoon with a trip up to the top of the Cape Poge lighthouse, which was also quite cool.

Today was spent trying to get in all the last things we'd wanted to do before leaving (we're on the noon ferry tomorrow). First, we went into Edgartown for a coffee and some shopping over on North Water Street (where we hadn't had a chance to go yet on the trip). Afterwards, we tried to take the ferry out to Chappy again so we could go tour Mytoi, but the morning line was pretty severe and the ferry was backed up around 45 minutes. So we went up-island instead (after reassuring David we'd be back - he really wanted to go there), and had lunch at Larsen's. While we were there for lunch, David got to go aboard a fishing boat that was loaded with flounder. He liked that. Then we headed up to Gay Head for some pictures on the cliffs (Jane's activity pick), but the fog had rolled in enough that we didn't stay long at all. Then we drove out to the beaches on the Lobsterville side, and afterwards went back to our condo for a short visit before finally going out to Chappy. We drove down to Wasque first and went for a walk on Norton Point beach (though we didn't walk anywhere near to the breach), and then went back up to Mytoi. I bought a couple of t-shirts there - mainly because they had 2007 season shirts for $5 and you can't buy a good t-shirt for that nowadays, decorated or not!

Then, after regrouping at the condo again for a short interval we went back into Oak Bluffs one more time for some shopping, dinner at Sharky's, and a chance for David to redeem his nearly 300 tickets at the arcade. He did well for toys. Finally we went for one last trip to the Flying Horses carousel and he managed to snag two more brass rings. I think the last time he rode he wasn't trying very hard - he was kind of sick of riding by then (6 total on this trip - 4 of which he snagged and two of which were given to him).

Jane's planning to get up early tomorrow and let me sleep in for a few in order to get most of the packing and cleanup done. We have to be out of here by about 10. Should be home if all goes well (the mid-day weather is a little dicey tomorrow) by 3-ish.

At which point re-entry into normal life begins in earnest.

You know, if I could really grow this company of mine to 10-20 people, I could probably buy a place here and commute back to home during the summers...

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