Monday, January 12, 2004

Today's final note

After getting Classic up on David's iMac, I can say one thing for sure. The program I did it for (Jumpstart Advanced Toddlers) sucks, big-time.

Why does it suck? Three major reasons:

1: It's resolution-dependent. It can't switch to 640x480 (the desired target) on it's own.

2: It is a Classic app, even though it was released last year.

3: Worst of all, it requires the CD-ROM. Why would I ever want to hand a CD-ROM to a 19-month-old boy? Am I that dumb? Even though 18 months-3 years is the target age for the program, it still makes no sense. Anything that a toddler would ever run on a computer should be installed fully to the hard drive, with no disk switching involved. I'll try tomorrow to see if I can make a .DMG of the CD and use that instead. If not, it's going back.

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