Monday, January 12, 2004


On a typical day, between Jane's e-mail account and mine we get approximately 350 pieces of spam. One or two usually beat the filter and hit my inbox, while the people spamming her have a slightly better hit rate - she gets as many as ten in a day. Of the spams, I usually am the target of about fifty or so, she gets the rest.

Due to a goof on my part, I wasn't filtering admin mails separately - I used to put them into my own box, but I'd forgotten I stopped that a couple of months ago. Between spams and bounces (most of the bounces were for spams sent to the old BNUG address I used to host), there were around 4000 messages stuck in the account. I cleared all them out.

It snowed a little last night - when I got around to heading outside for a newspaper, Eddie had already been by and cleared it. I was a little disappointed, because I thought today would be the day to finally try out the Toro power shovel. Oh well, next storm for sure. Otherwise, we're going to start taking down all the house holiday decor finally this afternoon and that's about it.

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