Sunday, January 11, 2004

Sears Redux

Sears is bringing the TV back to us on Thursday. It was the least they could do.

Soon afterwards, we are going to bring our Sears charge card back to them. After we run it through the shredder.

And after we sell the TV, we'll get the new fridge at Best Buy, Sozio, or Tri-City.

In other news, our electrician called us back today and will drop by tomorrow morning. Splendid. And I learned a valuable lesson - grocery shopping is much easier right before a Pats playoff game in single-digit temperatures. The roads and the supermarket were both pretty much deserted.

David played his joke on Grandma Margie again tonight. He said it once, and then when Jane asked him to repeat it, he said "no", shook his head, and then giggled like a madman. He also learned to say "rice". Which helped him with 2 out of the 4 main ingredients of dinner - chili pie. He's got beans and rice down - now he just needs to learn how to say "beef" and "cornbread".

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