Thursday, January 22, 2004

Random notes

The TV is back. This time it's in the basement, though - so at least we don't lose a room until it's sold.

That said, it's up on eBay right now. Rob listed it for us. Hopefully we'll find a buyer.

David's started addressing Gracie by name now, instead of just as "kittycat". He's also learned how to say both Jane's parents' names, and the names of my sister and her hubby.

I've had a couple of developments in the job hunt, but nothing definitive as of yet. I expect, one way or another, to have everything resolved in the next week or two.

The new iPhoto 4 is singlehandedly worth upgrading to the iLife '04 suite. I'll also get good use out of the new iMovie/iDVD combo, and maybe once I'm working again I'll pick up a cheap MIDI keyboard and play with GarageBand. It certainly seems cool enough.

Lesson to cell phone companies: We're in charge now. T-Mobile was OK, but they've had a lot of network issues lately. Dropped calls, calls not coming through, and having to make multiple attempts to connect were regular occurences of late. While I was living with that (figuring it'd improve), I was unhappy with my T68i. It was turning itself off for no reason, which really annoyed me.

So I called them back at the beginning of November about the problem. They said that I could send the phone in (and I'd be without it in the meantime), but it was at the end of warranty so if it still had a problem when it came back they couldn't do anything more. So I asked about a handset upgrade - I know the T610 has a better track record (and still has Bluetooth, which I am addicted to). They wanted to charge me $150 for it.

I put it off, and called tham back after a month, figuring all my lines were out of contract so maybe it would give them an incentive to be more generous. Nope.

So, no more chances. After shopping around for a while, I moved all three lines to Cingular yesterday, and will be picking up the phones a little later today. I'll even save about $15 or so per month, too.

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