Sunday, January 11, 2004

Problem solved

Our electrician dropped in around 10:30 or so. He took a quick look, and determined that our main problem was that the sleeve around the ceramic socket was too long - it was preventing the CF bulbs from making good contact. That's why none of the new ones worked. He charged us a cup of coffee and a chance to play with David for a few minutes with us.

(He'll be coming back in the next week or so to install a light in our cellar stairwell and a new outlet by the stove, which will be billed for and paid accordingly)

So the family headed to Home Depot on the other side of town after lunch, where Jane picked out a new fixture. The old one used a single 60w bulb (or it's CF equivalent), the one she picked out uses two. I installed it right after we got home, and put a couple of CF bulbs in. Much nicer, properly grounded (the old one had no ground) and no fit issues. It also looks more appropriate to the period than the old fixture I took out.

Indy. I think we can take Indy. Especially at home on the grass. I'm definitely looking forward to being a couch potato next Sunday.

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