Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Much delayed - Xmas video

We shot about fifteen minutes of Xmas video today - We couldn't really shoot the tree before because that huge TV box was in the way. It's not coming back until Thursday, though, and we're just starting to dismantle everything else, so we decided to shoot a pseudo-Xmas day video just now.

David plucked the pumpkin ornament off the tree and wouldn't put it down the whole time.

It looks like my Maxell second battery for the camcorder is dying pretty fast. I charged it overnight, and the power level dropped 20% as soon as I turned the camcorder on. The fifteen minutes shooting time used almost all of what's left. It hasn't been a good year so far for Li-Ion batteries in the Turiel household. The Powerbook battery is in rough shape, too. The problem (such as it is) is that a typical Li-Ion battery only has a life of 18-24 months before it starts losing the ability to retain a charge. That equals a few hundred discharge cycles at most. My Palm is a year old, so it should keep going for a while to come, but that'll be a pain once it dies (Palm batteries aren't user-replaceable). I'll blow off buying a Powerbook battery until I need to start taking it on the road again, and I can skip the camcorder battery entirely for awhile - I have another one that's in good shape.

Trust me, my next entry will be more interesting than battery talk. Really.

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