Thursday, January 29, 2004

The late-January blahs

Gracie has a tooth infection. We're giving her antibiotics after taking her to the vet today, but the teeth in question will probably have to come out. Sucks for her, and expensive for us.

After catching up with fellow ex-Holyoker Woodge's blog , I followed his link to an AOL-sponsored site that takes your positions on issues and matches them to the professed positions of candidates.

I was a perfect match for John Kerry (which I pretty much knew even though he's not my favorite). I came almost as close with Kucinich, Sharpton, Dean, and Clark. My worst matches: Lieberman and Bush. But I knew that, too.

The snow from yesterday is rapidly blowing away in howling winds, but I took the shovel and scraped away the sidewalks anyway this morning. The old-fashioned shovel, at that.

And the last note for now: I ran a couple of conditioning cycles on my PowerBook's battery. They did help somewhat - in the first run, I had steady voltage for just over 90 minutes, then a steep drop to zero. After who full charge/discharge cycles, I got that up to a little over two hours. Still way below spec, but usable for now.

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