Saturday, January 10, 2004


Nothing like a zero degree day to get the blood flowing. Ahhh...

Yesterday, in order to make things a little more bearable I puttied the windows in our draftiest rooms. That helped us somewhat - I did the windows in the "Paisley room" (AKA our main living room), the upstairs bathroom, and the kitchen window by our refrigerator. The rest of our windows aren't nearly as leaky as those.

And we had a weird electrical moment. We have an old fixture by the refrigerator - it was originally in the main part of the kitchen when we moved in, but I moved it to the fridge and put up a ceiling fan where it had been. Yesterday, the CF bulb in it burned out. No biggie, we keep that on almost full-time and it had lasted over a year.

Well, I put a new bulb in, and it didn't work. Neither did a third. So obviously, something else is wrong. Using my awesome powers of deduction, either the fixture itself has gone bad, or the switch has. That is not, however, something I want to screw around with to find out - because the consequences of a mistake could be pretty bad. So I have a call in to our electrician.

We discovered a neat baby furniture store over in Reading yesterday during out table/chair quest. They didn't have the one we were looking for, but they had all sorts of great other stuff. They'll definitely get a return trip from us for other stuff we may need. As for the table and chair, I'm going to try one last place today (the local Target), and if that doesn't do the trick, I'll bite the bullet and buy the cheap one from Toys 'R' Us/Amazon that costs $40, plus $20 to ship.

Just so long as we don't miss tonight's football game!

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