Friday, January 30, 2004

Breaking up is hard to do...

As part of my continued intellectual development, I am an occasional reader of Internet wrestling news sites. Mostly I read the Pro Wrestling Torch and 1Wrestling (but I only read them from my Mac because if I read them with IE on Windows I get barraged with pop-ups and ActiveX installer requests). Well, all the best writers from 1Wrestling have taken off on their own, and now run a site called Pro Wrestling Insider. What's interesting about it is that usually these kind of breakups are handled like a bunch of whiny Star Trek nuts who have never been on a date arguing about whether Kirk or Picard was better (by the way, I stand behind Kirk).

This split, though, seems to have been handled amicably - the honcho behind the new site even was allowed a farewell column where he got to thank the old site folks and plug the new venture. Whoa - could Mideast peace be far behind?


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