Wednesday, September 24, 2003

What a bargain!

We went out shopping tonight - looking for shoes for David. Now that he's a walker, he needs shoes that are a little better support-wise than his canvas Gap sneakers.

We would have gotten them at the Stride-Rite store, but the clerk there preferred talking on the phone with a friend to helping us. So we blew out of the store and went to Filene's. Filene's had a nice pair of Stride-Rite shoes that were white leather with Velcro straps. They listed at $30, no a bad price.

But when we rang them up, it turned out they were on clearance - $6.24! So we also bought the next size up for him as well. $12.48 for two pair of Stride-Rite shoes is quite the bargain, needless to say. I'm glad the clerk in the other store didn't hang up the phone!

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