Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Other things

In the last few days, David's ability to walk has increased exponentially. He's sixteen months old today, and he now can walk all the way across one floor of our house. He also can keep walking for a virtually unlimited period if holding one of our hands (which he now wants to do). There have also been major strides taken in his fork-wielding ability this past week. Now he sometimes even voluntarily uses it instead of his hands.

Other than that, promising news. This may not be _the_ job, but I have a series of interviews scheduled this afternoon at one prospective employer. The phone interview I had last Friday went well. I won't get too enthusiastic until someone gives me an offer, but the job I'm up for is an interesting one. We'll see.

And our new coffee table is in, so we've got to go pick that up tomorrow.

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