Friday, September 19, 2003

The move is complete. Whew.

As of a few minutes ago, I finished moving all my Slashdot Journal posts over to blogspot, and changed all the links I had out there. So this is officially my new bloghome now. Woo. It'll be easier to manage from multiple systems or random locations, as I can connect to this with lots o' browsers and/or FTP as well. but usually I'll just use Blogger, hence the Blogger badge on the site. Thanks, Google!

Why the name "The fork in the road"? Well, I decided that I'm at that point in my life. And many of my postings, I've noticed, have had that sort of theme about them. So why not celebrate it? It's not like I'm bitter about it all - far from it really. But when I started blogging, I had a stable career at an independent company, and I was one of many friends without children (though we had just found out one was on the way, I didn't post about it for months). Now I'm jobless, and the father of a 16-month old boy. We almost moved, but didn't, I'm looking for a job, and in fact this week I'm experiencing single parenthood (no, no problem - Jane's just visiting her parents for a couple of days and I have the boy).

A lot of changes have happened in recent times, and I get to figure out what's next and how to get there. So I might as well share that along with the mundane trivia that most bloggers (myself among them) blather about. Enjoy the ride! I sure am!

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