Saturday, September 20, 2003

Just about through...

Jane's coming home tomorrow (she was going to the Miss America pageant with her family tonight) afternoon. Managing David's been pretty easy overall - but it's had moments. When I left Jane to go to Illinois last year, David was easier to manage. Back then, he didn't crawl, he didn't really sit up, and he didn't move around much. You could put him down to do something and he stayed put. That's not the case now. And she's been gone longer than I was.

I can see how single parenthood must be difficult, that's for sure. From what I know, David's easier to take care of than a lot of kids are.

I went to the Salem, NH geek show this morning with David and former employee Robert. I was searching for another Mini-ITX box, but to no avail. We met Rob and his son Christopher there, and Rob's friend ASICguy. I know Rob found a small ATX case, and Robert (boy that could get confusing) picked up a O'Reilly pocket guide to something useful. I, OTOH left empty-handed for once. That's OK. I'll get my next Mini-ITX from iDot, the same folks I got the last one from online. It's going to be a Win2K server.

No, I won't be switching my website over to it. I really don't enjoy the thought of getting hacked easily. I'll stick with Linux and make it tougher for the kiddies.

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