Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl sum-up

Two teams I didn't care about. Commercials that weren't that interesting. The game itself was OK, with a pretty good second half and a wild finish, but I will say that every possible call went the Steelers' way. I still would have called the INT return down at about the 1-foot line, because it seemed clear to me that his body touched before the ball crossed the line. I also think the final play was an incomplete pass (I think it wouldn't have made a difference - they needed a touchdown and had, at best, one more play after that).

The one sidenote to the INT was this: If you watch the play, Fitzgerald just sort of loafs in the end zone for a few seconds instead of trying to make a play on the defender. Finally, after he runs it out about 20 yards Fitzgerald takes off after him and makes the play in the end - had he gone right after him that play might never have gotten down to the end zone in the first place. I'm just sayin'.

It was a fun night, though - Super Bowl parties are always more entertaining as parties when teams I don't care about are in it. Our son is absolutely dragging this morning (he still made it to school, though) even though he slept in the car on our way home.
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