Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Beware opportunity

A bunch of reasonably knowledgeable Windows techs are about to come on the market, but I don't think I'll be buying any of 'em. CompUSA just announced today that they are closing more than half the chain, including all the Massachusetts stores except for Holyoke. They are keeping the ones in "tax-free NH" and the one in Rhode Island as well. But they will be closing Danvers, Braintree, Woburn, Framingham, Brighton, and North Attleboro. I could probably find someone out of the Danvers or Woburn store pretty easily, but I'm a little nervous about the idea - CompUSA floor people never struck me as too customer-oriented and the techs I dealt with there were usually too geeky for even me.

But they did usually have decent stuff at pretty good prices. Unfortunately, it will render the $30 gift card I'm supposed to get soon (it was a rebate from the Epson photo printer I gave Jane for her birthday) semi-useless, but such is life.

And the WWE released Test today. Yet somehow their ECW product continues to suck just fine without him. Just let Sabu and RVD go to TNA, bring CM Punk up to the main roster, and shut the darn thing down once and for all!

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