Wednesday, April 07, 2004


It turns out, upon studying my site statistics, that I have more readers than I thought I did. I seem to get about 150 or so per week, on average, and most of them come back a couple of times. Which probably puts me solidly in the middle of blog views overall. Nowhere near the big guys, but more visible than some.

Which basically reinforces my decision not to always name names and be specific – you never know who is going to read this. Blogging isn’t edited, but a good blogger should edit his or herself. And I don’t mean edit as in the kind of editing my Mom, the Grammar Fiend would do, but the kind where you actually think for a minute about what you type before you press the “Publish” button. I rarely revise a post here (and when I do, it’s almost always for an obvious typo that I just missed), and that’s why.

On the other hand, when I write a post that is intentionally vague (like when I rant about certain businesses), if you know me at all or read back posts, my FAQ, or my bio information (all readily available), it's pretty easy to make the connection and figure out who I'm talking about at a given time. Especially if you're an interested party. I like doing that - it's just enough obfuscation for the casual reader but the real audience knows exactly what I'm referring to.

All in all, a splendid game to play.

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