Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Today's business model

It is appearing that training will ultimately represent a significant portion of my business revenues - enough to make me a happy and prosperous business owner, I can't say for sure. We'll see about that part.

At the suggestion of a friend in the business, I am looking into teaching some more traditional training classes with a couple of the local colleges. I have a meeting in a couple of weeks with one of them. Every little bit helps. I'm also working on a custom Office class for a company as well.

Does this rainy weather suck or what? When I drove to and from the BNUG meeting yesterday, it was like a monsoon out there. Nasty conditions. And there was a Turnpike extension backup for the second time in a row - the last time was when I went to the BNUG board meeting two weeks ago, and last night's backup seems to have been caused by a tie-up on the ramp to I-93 south from the westbound Pike. Since I was continuing straight, I didn't see the cause, but it had things backed up right into the Williams Tunnel.

And finally for now, they are conducting a test here in Beverly today. To see what the impact would be of proposed federal regulations forcing trains to blow their whistles at street crossings, every train is blowing their whistles as they cross today. My complex is located between two crossings. I have heard a lot of train whistles today. I am not pleased.

The big deal here is that all the crossings in question are gated, with lights and bells to keep cars out. Anyone stupid enough to bypass those and go on the track anyway deserves to be smooshed by a train. Whistles be damned.

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