Monday, April 12, 2004

That's a lot of miles

I completed another lap around the Sun yesterday - my 38th. Between the loops around the Sun, the rotation of Earth, and the distance our little solar system has travelled itself during that time, I've logged some serious miles. Way more than the 14,500 on my minivan.

The birthday itself was about as low-key as it gets. We actually went out Saturday night with Jane's folks and our friend Judy for dinner, and yesterday the only thing I did that was even vaguely celebratory was sleep a little late. Which I made up for today by sleeping poorly. We went to a brunch at the Lyceum (geek value: it's the place where Alexander Graham Bell did his first public demo of the telephone), and lounged around for much of the day - only leaving to take David over to a friend's house for an Easter egg hunt.

He wasn't too into it - he vastly preferred sitting in the kiddie car. Every time I opened the door to help him out he grabbed it away and slammed it shut. Once we got him inside, he demanded to play with Greg's Nextel phone. Which Greg didn't mind, because the keylock was on and he didn't like that work phone anyways. However, neither David nor Greg's son Harry was able to break it. Nextel could use that as a slogan - "phones tough enough for toddlers".

And then this morning, we got up early and drove Jane's parents into Boston to catch the train home. David enjoyed the ride, despite getting up early, because we went by the airport twice. That way he could look out the windows at all the airplanes. When he sees one, he yells "abie!" and watches it fly past.

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