Friday, April 30, 2004

Smokin', revised

The doctor told Jane it appears to be a viral infection, and that he's not doing as badly as we feared. We just need to keep hitting him with ibuprofen as needed and make sure he drinks plenty of fluid. David is eating in his good moments - he scarfed down a ton of Annie's Mac & Cheese at lunchtime. Right now, after resting most of the afternoon, he's hanging out with Jane downstairs - watching Dora and playing with his toy phone. We'll keep you all posted.

I installed the A/C unit in our bedroom today, and I took off the cover from our big hallway one. We're running them for a little while tonight to clear out some of the hot air upstairs and to clean 'em out. I need to find one we can fit in David's room. The challenge there is that his window is 42" wide but all the air conditioners out there are built to fit skinnier windows. So I'll have to rig up a board to seal it up after putting a smaller one in.

I also have to install our new blinds for the living room which arrived last night. I'll tackle that either tonight after David's bedtime or tomorrow.

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