Monday, April 05, 2004

Small boy update

Amusing anecdote from yesterday: First off, Jane's parents are visiting us this week. So yesterday, I made a batch of brownies for everyone in the afternoon, while David was napping. And I rearranged the entire living room as well during that time, with the help of my next-door neighbor Michael. We all snacked on the freshly-baked brownies and Jane wrapped a big pile of them up and put them on a paper plate. Around 4 or so, David woke up, and right afterwards Jane headed out with her folks for a while.

So I had to keep David amused, which was do-able with the new layout to explore. But eventually he got bored and wandered off while I looked at the newspaper. A few minutes later he wandered back in. With a brownie in his hand.

Since I hadn't given said brownie to him, this was disconcerting. I went into the kitchen, where I found...

The whole plate of brownies on the floor. They'd been left too close to the edge. So I cleaned up. Of course I let David finish the brownie he'd already poached - it didn't hurt his appetite because when we went out an hour or so later to Bertucci's for dinner, he ate about half his big plate of macaroni (gemelli, actually) & cheese, some bread, about two lobster claws' worth of lobster meat from my dinner, and a Hoodsie for dessert. I'm not sure where he puts it. We also let him use a normal fork (under close supervision), and he did OK with it.

Also interesting from last night, we crossed another minor milestone. Jane had been brushing his teeth with a little rubber finger brush that she'd slip on her finger. But Saturday night, het bit down and, though there was no blood or anything (he bit the rubber), she decided it was time to switch to the real baby toothbrush. So we did that yesterday, and he wanted to hold it and brush himself. He did. For about five seconds.

Then he did the other thing he knows brushes are for - he started to brush his hair with it. It could have been worse, though. At least he didn't brush Gracie with it.

Jane and I both have families with ample quirks. Here's one from her family (they're here, so I get to pick on them) - Jane's mom likes to drink tea. Which is fine. So do Jane and I. But if you don't stop her, Jane's mom will use the same teabag over and over again - up to five times for a single teabag. It's not that she's being cheap or anything, it's just an odd habit she has. But's it's a pretty funny habit and it has now been appropriately highlighted here on this page.

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