Friday, April 30, 2004


Around 7:30 last night, we gave him some ibuprofen. It knocked his temperature almost all the way down, at which point he loaded up a diaper, ate some food, and generally returned to normal for a while. We put him to bed around 9:30.

He woke up upset at around 11, though, and we took him downstairs until he burned off the energy. Then he went back to bed.

Until about 4 or so.

At 4, he woke up screaming and feverish again, so we gave him some more ibuprofen and Jane stayed with him the rest of the night. He slept on and off, cuddled up on the sofa with his giant stuffed bear. This morning, though, he's in a horrible mood even though the temperature is back down. They're at the doctors' now - I have a service call to make in a little while otherwise I'd have gone, too.

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