Monday, April 19, 2004

Random thoughts

- David suffered a wounded nose today. He toppled down a couple of steps while he was outside this morning, and bloodied his nose (and he got some scrapes, too). Jane said he refused to grab the rail that time, and learned his lesson. This is what happens with toddlers. They push their limits until the limits bite back, then they figure it out. Thankfully toddlers are durable.

- We went with Judy tonight to look at the new Apple stuff. She's leaning towards an iBook, but they don't actually hit the shelves until tomorrow. So she'll probably pick one up this weekend.

- In a major upset, a short Kenyan won the Boston Marathon.

- It was nice that the Sox both (a) won their Patriot's Day game for a change, and (b) took 3 out of 4 from the Yankees. But it's still only April. Don't print the playoff tickets yet.

- I was looking at a poster tonight when we were at the mall. In the battle of the teen queens, I have to say: Lindsay Lohan is way hotter than Hillary Duff. No contest. But I still haven't seen any more of either of them than movie posters and Letterman appearances. Nor do I particularly intend to.

- What's on your iPod? Mine has about 2600 songs on it. It would have more, but it's only a 10 GB model. I've already converted everything to AAC in order to cram that much stuff, anyhow.

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