Monday, April 26, 2004

Random "Iron Chef America" thoughts

I've watched all but the Tag Team battle so far. I'm saving that one for tonight.

They made a big mistake not having an audience packed into the new Kitchen Stadium. It's kind of lifeless.

This "chairman" seems like a nice guy, but he's hideously wrong for the job. It requires pomposity, not seriousness. The ill-fated "Iron Chef USA" that was shot for UPN (I only saw one episode ever air, even though I know they shot a couple) had the right idea by using Shatner. He's the perfect American (well, actually Canadian) counterpart to Chairman Kaga.

Alton Brown is one of my all-time favorite TV people. I have all his books. I even have one of his salt cellars. But he's the victim of another mistake - they had Alton in the role of the Professor, but he had to do both play-by-play and color. As a color commentator, he's tremendously insightful, but I'd rather have Brent Musburger doing play-by-play. And that says a lot if you're ever been treated to Brent.

The floor reporter was awful. Bad questions, bad delivery. Yecch.

And the judges were kind of lame. Most of them weren't even real foodies.

The biggest consequence of that is that the Japanese chefs got screwed. As much as I like Mario Batali, there's just no way he beats Morimoto. No way at all. I can see how Puck beat Morimoto in the other battle, because Puck stayed closer to the theme (and the judges had no appreciation for Morimoto's creativity). And Flay/Sakai, I wasn't so sure about Flay beating Sakai, but reasonable people differ on things like that all the time. Trout was a little closer to Flay's specialties than Sakai's.

Mind you, "Iron Chef America" didn't suck, but it could have been so much better than it was.

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